King Mswati to Honour South Africa President Zuma With Young Virgin

August 13, 2016 by Staff Reporter

King Mswati III, who is famously known for his controversial bride selection has decided to honour South African President Jacob Zuma with a “beautiful gift.”

Mswati usually selects a wife during the Reed Dance ceremony, known as Umhlanga which reveals thousands of Swaziland’s ‘prettiest virgins’ dancing topless for King Mswati III,every year.

Reports from Swaziland are suggesting that King Mswati III will invite his South African
‘friend’ to the next ceremony so that he can also taste the sweetness of Swazi fruits.

Both leaders have similar ‘marital policies’ which do not forbid them from marrying as many wives as they can. King Mswati currently has 15 wives whilst Zuma is trailing with four, having married six times.

It is reported that an envoy will be sent to meet President Zuma at his Nkandla rural home and possibly make arrangements for
the event.

“This year’s ceremony will be
bigger and better, we are inviting Heads of States, and President Zuma of South Africa is one of the guests who will be invited,” said a source quoted online.

Whether “The Zulu King” will accept the offer to choose a virgin among thousands remains a mystery. There are no confirmations from people close to the President.

President Jacob Zuma hinted he
may be ready to take a fifth wife to accompany him through old age.

Zuma, who has about 20 children, has married six times but currently has four wives on the state’s budget, despite criticism from some taxpayers.


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