‘MCP on Death Bed’

August 14, 2016 by Staff Reporter

Former United Democratic Front(UDF) Law Maker Clement Stambuli says that lack of succession plan is silently killing the once Mighty Malawi Congress Party(MCP).

Stambuli made the remarks following the leadership wrangle that has rocked Malawi’s oldest political Party Malawi Congress.

”MCP saga is just a repeat of history it has come because our parties do not have succession plans,”

”The Soviet Union came to an end when they came up with new blood in the name of Gorbachev an outsider,” said Stambuli.

He also said that MCP’s new blood such as Dr Lazarus Chakwera are the main cause of the problems that has rocked the party.

”UDF came to an end after bringing Bingu an outsider. MCP brought Chakera an outsider. The old guard in MCP is quiet all the noise is by new blood of 2014,”

”We are here to witness history repeating itself if corrective measures are not carried out,” said Clement Stambuli.

Veteran journalist Dickson Kashoti called upon Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and other democratic institutions to intervene on MCP wrangle.

“PAC and other democratic institutions should intervene on these MCP issues. Our functioning democracy is at stake when infighting continues in our major opposition party.

”Malawi needs Dr Chakwera and the MCP for its vibrant and tasty democracy, this is why I suggest PAC and other bodies should bring the warring parties together,” said Dickson Kashoti.

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is a political party in Malawi. It was formed as a successor party to the banned Nyasaland African Congress when the country, then
known as Nyasaland, was under British rule.

The MCP, under Hastings Banda, presided over Malawian independence in 1964, and
from 1966 to 1993 was the only legal party in the country.

It has continued to be a major force in the country since losing power.


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