Is President Peter Mutharika Puppet Leader?

August 15, 2016 by Staff Reporter


OOOOPS! Mutharika falls

When Allan Z Ntata, brands President Professor Peter Mutharika a “puppet leader”, almost every hand clapper in Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has wits to turn against the critic’s wisdom, one I would say with no second thought, but a real forecaster. To cap it all, with understanding my subconscious clearly, the legal counsel to Bingu’s regime, is surely a radical advocate, not a disgruntled person as those in blue camp, ought us to believe in their illogical philosophy. I am either, not wrong to rename Ntata ‘the precise prophet’, who foretells things that many would think are from blues, but eventually, they really come to pass in the course of government wheels. Look at this, how a puppet leadership was exposed in a heat of University of Malawi (UNIMA) students and Council on fees hike impasse.


“UNIMA Fees Must Fall” movement had taken a wrong turn, when university students from Unima flooded into Malawi’s streets demanding a fair fee hike, refusing an abnormal hike announced by a bunch of Unima Council intellectuals, before Chancellor himself came in with hope, but alas, a peanut cut was tossed in. UMSU leaders were to meet the president HE bwana Wamkulu. That was Thursday, a day students, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), parents and guardians, all were legs crossed, patiently waiting with a keen interest that a stalemate between parent and child would be broken at once. Guess what! Just hours before student- president Indaba, an aide and press man to the president, were busied exchanging notes, strategizing on how they would make OUR president remain a parrot.


I mean a Whatsapp conversation between the two from Capital Hill errand boys of Bwana, one Ben and Mgeme, in a leaked chat to social media that had revealed president’s inability to take full control of government affairs as voters chose in 2014 elections through ballot to govern people not him governed. The conversation had it that the right hand men, prior to the HE and UMSTU meeting ,had discussed re-opening of Chancellor College with immediate effect suggestion, also was thrown in the menu. Chanco was closed during the students protests against fee hike recently. The two, even went further to diminish university brains, nicknamed them ‘idiots’ -in apparent do not know the game of politics – that a meeting was arranged to shut the crying university babies up. So it did. Come Thursday, the directive of re- opening of Chanco was made, and an insult of slashing fees by 50, 000 Malawi Kwacha to both generic and mature students was executed thereby. Who cares that the slashed money is meagre!


I saw the battle of students against fee hike, gotten defeated even before the meeting was held as two [Ben and Mgeme] behind curtains, had already pressed a remote control button. All hullabaloo and mayhem in the streets, our poor students slapped hard- offered K50,000 fee slash. The little did not students realize that it was some sort of a gimmick in play, was too late to save Jerusalem. Going back a bit ,I did not rush to attest the credibility of another conversation history of an Iron Lady, Jessie Kabwira, a mouthpiece of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and other party’s officials, who were arrested and accused of wanting to overthrow a legitimate government over a private WhatsApp conversation that was leaked. Not our interest even pang’ono because is a waste of time. But this gives me a clue of the message’s history credibility, though not to liken to the matter under discussion ‘puppet leader’. Having that spoken, this clearly shows the inept of our leader in governing his people.


It is squarely echoes words of Allan Z. Ntata. This might as well, give us a hint that the decreasing of fees, was sealed by these so- called right hand men of our Kahuna not president. And hear this again- Gerald Viola,a former state press officer made it public few months ago that some of the appointments in government, are inspired by errand boys, not necessarily president himself as required. “It’s not the president who does some of these appointments but rather people around him.” Axed press officer, told a local television host of the programme then. Soon after Viola opened his untamed mouth wide, Malawi media was awash with axing news of Viola, because of a ridicule he subjected to the high office. Remember, all persons had once or still been president errand boys. Ntata once was Bingu’s aide so is Ben Phiri to the incumbent president, and Mgeme Kalirani is a spokesperson for the incumbent.


This reveals that Allan Z. Ntata knew well what he was murmuring about. Now, I think you are in agreement with a reality surfacing. Much as we all good thinking minds denounce this type of lame rule, many of these zealots surrounding the president, have their own agendas contrary to the citizenry wish. It does not even need a rocket science to see or prove that our president is being fed lies and ill advised big time by so-called aides or zealots, this! pours down to innocent people, who suffer most.


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