Zimbabweans to Worship President Mugabe As God

August 19, 2016 by Staff Reporter

A new law that is being crafted will make it mandatory for Zimbabweans to worship Robert Mugabe as Jehova, his oldest son as Jesus Christ and his wife as Mary Mother of Jesus, according to a report carried in Tanil Times.

Since Mugabe delivered independence to Zimbabwe and has fought for 36 years against imperialists, parliamentarians from the country are now seriously considering ordaining the 93 year old as Jehova.

Speaking to our local correspondent,Minister Mandiitaweti Chimene said,”
Mugabe was there when Zimbabwe started, he will be there when it ends. He is our
alpha and omega, our start and and end. As such it is only normal that he is made our God in Zimbabwe.”

Given that he has all the power, the minister added that Mugabe’s first born son, Robert Jnr must now be worshiped as Jesus Christ,
since he is the son of God, and his mother Grace Mugabe, the first lady must be worshiped as Mary the Mother of Jesus.

Robert Mugabe is a Catholic, and was raised a Catholic, hence he believes that Mother Mary must be worshiped, although in this case, it is Mother Grace that will be

It brings the curtain down to the making of the Mugabe dynasty, which is known as Mugabeism.

Last month, Mother Mary Grace said that Robert would rule from the grave, which makes sense, since Mugabe will now be made God, and God rules eternally.

Speaking to us exclusively, a source said, Mugabe must rule forever because he is God.

Opposition parties welcomed the move, saying Mugabe was already an ancestor, since he refuses to die.


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