Breaking: Mugabe Flees Zimbabwe Following Heavy Protests

August 26, 2016 by Staff Reporter

By Nyika Daily News

Zimbabwe’s embattled 92-year- old statesman Robert Gabriel
Mugabe this afternoon reportedly fled his burning country amid an outbreak of violent protests and riots, the worst in the country’s 36 year history.

Since March 2016, Mugabe has
increasingly found himself under growing pressure with civil society and opposition forces joining hands and calling for Mugabe’s immediate ouster.

An internal revolt of his own making has seen his own party, The Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front severely weakened, while the veterans of the liberation struggle that freed Zimbabwe from a colonial government have also withdrawn their support, arguing that Mugabe was no longer the man to take their country forward.

Protests against the nonagenarian have gradually increased is size, and impact, and Mugabe has reacted by threatening to unleash a second genocide on his people,
and often using brute police force to crush all demonstrations.

But things took a turn for the worst for Mugabe when on
Wednesday his police were met
with resistance by youths from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the country’s biggest opposition.

While the youth marched peacefully, police descended on
them with Herculean force, perhaps the final straw, as the
youths fought back with stones, bricks, sticks, and gardening tools.

Tear smoke canisters, and water canons failed to dismantle the protesters, and a severe riot followed which saw shops belonging to the Vice President looted.

There were casualties on both sides, with police suffering fatalities according to local reports.

A demonstration planned for earlier today was banned by the police, despite the citizens obtaining a court order barring
the police from interfering with
their duties.

Resorting to violence, the police were given a taste of their medicine, which saw them beaten into retreat.

At 13:50 it was reported that the army had entered the streets, although they did not assault civilians, and only cleared stones from the major highways.

Mugabe’s motorcade soon passed at full speed, heading towards Harare International Airport.

At 14:40, flight tracking applications reported that Zimbabwe’s Presidential Jet UM1 / AZW1 had left Harare International Airport, but had
not provided destination details.

Given the spate of violence, and
the risk Mugabe finds himself
in, there are suggestions he has
fled, fearing a Gaddafi style take over of power.


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