Malawi President Mutharika Dragged to International Criminal Court


September 1, 2016 by Staff Reporter

The People’s Land Organization (PLO) Controversial leader Vincent Wandale said that is set to drag President Peter Mutharika and the government of Malawi to International Court of Justice (ICJ) for failing to uphold Rule of Law.

Wandale who declared Mulanje, Thyolo and Phalombe district Sovereign state made the remarks few hours after Malawi government blocked him from sharing the idle land to the declared MUST citizens.

According to reports, Over 300 people gathered at the land ready to get their share. Some were carrying hoes, pots and beddings ready to hold a vigil at the land.

“I feel let down by the Malawi act of foreign aggression on our MUST Republic. Rule of law in Malawi is a lie. We however will pursue our case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ,” said Wandale.

Malawi Minister of Information Patricia Kaliati said that, ” That group has no mandate to distribute land. They are opening jail gates for themselves,”


They are opening jail gates-Kaliati

Concurring with Kaliati, a Veteran Journalist Dickson Kashoti said that some Lhomwes are ignorant and they think that Mulanje belongs to them only.

” Iam not so sure if this is the typical of behavior of Lhomwes. When l see some few spring up and claim Mulanje belongs to them more than anyone else l laugh,” said Kashoti.

Meanwhile, Malawi government has deployed Malawi Defence Force soldiers and heavily armed police officers in Mulanje, Thyolo and Phalombe.


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  1. maxmos says:

    lets wait and see who is going to win the battle


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