Cash-Gate: Government Paid Mk21 Million to Kenyan Bogus Company

September 17, 2016 by Staff Reporter

Finally Malawians have accepted that Mutharika is not fit to continue as president over corruption involving him, ministers and the entire government which believes in the saying of like father like son proverb.

It is very pathetic that corruption has become staple food for Mutharika and his entire government.indexd

The Mutharika government paid K21 million to a Kenyan bogus firm just like they do with all other related cash gate transactions paying to people who never provided any service to government.

The bogus firm can’t be traced by government which was paid to replace the rift for the air traffic control at Kamuzu International Airport. Airtrafic employees last year staged a strike as they found it difficult to climb the steps to get to the top of 50 meters long.

The man was probably shared by senior government officials at ministry of transport and the bogus firm. In another development Malawi government has aborted the grand theft plan of buying over priced maize due to the intervention of donors. The move was planned by Goodall Gondwe and George Chaponda.

Several quarters of the country are planning to stage massive demonstrations to show their disatisafication with the Mutharika government.

Goodall as one of the ministers mentioned in the K577 billion is in a big trouble as he and other ministers failed to declare their assets which is termed as unconstitutional and not fit to remain into the cabinet.


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