Photos: Mangochi Brothers Gang Rape Crocodile

November 13, 2016 by Staff Reporter

Four brothers and their cousins from Mangochi district in Malawi have been arrested after they captured a crocodile which had been eating their livestock and allegedly gang-raped it for days.images

Reports are that the farmers (names withheld pending full investigations) who were gatvol with the crocodile which was eating their goats on a daily basis, set a trap and captured the reptile alive.

They then took the crocodile to their compound where they took turns to sexually abuse the poor animal-believed to be a female- for days on end in one of their huts.The brothers were exposed after Department of Parks and Wildlife launched an investigation after a tip-off from an anonymous whistle-blower.

Reached for a comment one of the brothers who talked to Nyika Daily News reporters said they didn’t see anything wrong in punishing the predator that had been preying on their livestock.

” We are not at all attracted to crocodiles or any animals for that matter. We just wanted our revenge, to punish her real hard,” he said without showing a single shred of remorse.

Another brother was also defiant and said at least they used protection.

“Myself and my two other brothers used protection. We do not know what kind of STD’s crocodiles have but the rest went in bare and seemed to enjoyed it because they finished prematurely”, he said.

An Official at Malawi National Parks said the brothers will be charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty as well as illegally keeping a wild animal.


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