Prophet TB Joshua Blames God for His False Prophecy: ‘God Told Me Wrong Stuff’

November 23, 2016 by Staff Reporter

Millions of people throughout the African continent have berated Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) for saying his prediction on the outcome of US presidential election failed because God had a rethink of events.

Joshua had predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the election which held on November 8, but the outcome shocked most people around the world as Donald Trump took the day.

The cleric few days after the US election results were announced said people would need the spirit of a prophet to be able to recognise one. He also hinted that his reference to Hilary Clinton as eventual winner was reflected in her winning more popular votes than Donald Trump.

However, TB Joshua in a newly released video, has said after his prediction, Americans prayed to God and He heard their prayers. This, according to him, was why Trump won.

But Joshua’s latest statement has again generated social media outrage from some Christians who have accused the cleric of covering up for his failed prediction.

Others called on fellow Christians to refrain from listening to Joshua who they tagged a deceiver.
Here are some of the comments people made on Facebook over Prophet TB Joshua’s false prophets.

Kenneth: “God changed it to prove the whole world that you are are just brain washing some blind and miracle seeking Christians in your cinema hall..”

Bello: “So this man still have gut to talk? C’mon, who are those listening to him again? This religion things Truly be like one chance. #honestly”

Olisa: “The Bible said instead of my word will nt come to fulfilment let heaven nd earth passed away, so pls man of God dont tell us God changed ur prophecy rather u did a gase work jst like u usually do bt dis time around God jst ve to put a big STOP to it. I pray God open our eyes to see who is really serving him purely.”

Ezekiel: “People, shine your eyes! What bothers me is that he still has followers chorusing yes and no, buying service programmes, pure water etc. These are the real reasons for our underdevelopment as Africa.”

Yunus: “It’s not too bad wen the prophecy failed. The only problem here is, trying to make cover 4 it. My father used to tell me that, wen u tell one lie & u want to cover it, u’ll need minimum of another ten lies. If he’s thinking of covering it, the story has not ended.”


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