Malawian Prophet Makes Congregants Drink Sewage

December 7, 2016 by Staff Reporter

A Malawian man of God, Prophet Charles Phiri is said to have made his congregants drink raw sewage on Saturday, while clearing ground at his church in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Reports are that those who were clearing the land were thirsty and requested prophet Phiri to buy water for them. It is said that they could not get the water at nearby tuck shops before the preacher went and fetched water at a nearby stream, believed to be contaminated by sewage before sprinkling salt on it.

He reportedly prayed for the water and asked the congregants to drink, but no one was forthcoming as they had seen where the water had come from. This resulted in him drinking it first and the congregants followed suit.

“People were clearing the ground at the stand and were thirsty. They could not get water at some tuck shops nearby. The pastor then went to a nearby stream and fetched the water,”

“He sprinkled salt on it before praying for it and told the people to drink it. People were skeptical and he took the initiative to drink it first and they all followed suit,” said the source.

Speaking to a Local radio the prophet said it was just a display of faith that everything is possible through the power of the Lord.

“It was just a demonstration of faith. We were far away from where we could get water and I just had to sprinkle salt and pray for the water.

” The people knew the water was dirty and when I said drink it, no one was forthcoming and I had to drink it first to shows them nothing would happen. Thereafter they had to drink it. What was just a drinks break turned to be a healing session, “he said.

The prophet further gave some Bible verses to justify the act, “I know people will say what they want but this is not new. Elisha did that for people to consume water that was deemed bad for human consumption,” he said.

Of late, the preacher has been giving salt to his congregants which he said has healing power. He has done a number of controversial miracles in Malawi.


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