Maize-Gate: Human Rights Activist Stage “Black Tuesday” Protest

January 15, 2017 by Staff Reporter

Vocal Human Rights defender, Charles Kajoloweka who is also the Executive Director of Youth and Society (YAS) has called upon patriotic Malawians to put on black clothes on Tuesday in protest against the Zambia-Malawi maize scam.


We are seeking Justice

Here is what Kajoloweka posted on Facebook,…. “As the ‘Maize scandal’ case enters inter-party hearing at the Mzuzu High Court this Tuesday, 17th January, we have declared the day ” BLACK TUESDAY” , a day patriotic Malawians will openly join civil society groups in seeking justice on the alleged looting of Billions of public resources meant for procuring maize for the 6.8 million starving citizens. We are inviting all patriotic Malawians and people of good will to join us on this great day. Time: 8:30 am.”

On Tuesday December 20 Nyasa Times published a story which said Zambian opposition leader has raised suspicion over transactions between ADMARC and a private firm involving Zambia maize exports to Malawi, alleging there was some racketeering by some top Zambian government officials.

The Malawi government obtained a loan of MK26 Billion from the Eastern and Southern African Development Bank to purchase 100,000 metric tons of maize from the government of Zambia, through Zambia Cooperative Federation.

The parastatal is alleged to have purchased the grain from a broker, which cost the government a lot of money.

The maize is believed to have been bought at $34.5 Million. Had the maize been bought from a government agency in the neighbouring country, Malawi could have spent only $21.5 Million.

The development has attracted widespread criticism from the public in Zambia and Malawi, who are pressing their governments to ensure that the issue is unearthed.


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