Malawian, Zambian Women Most Sexually Educated Women in Africa

February 1, 2017 by Staff Reporter

There is a popular belief that Zambian and Malawian women are the most sexually educated in Africa. This has drawn many white men and other men to Zambian women especially.14753317_617035348482963_4000218342043860830_o

Zimbabwean women occupy the third position. Cynthia Chitiga, a Zimbabwean professional says she is unaware of any major sex education to women in Zimbawe, but suggests that rumour points to the fact the Forward in Faith Ministries International (FIFMI) and Seventh Day Adventist Churches in Zimbabwe are stronger in sex education to members, especially women.

Suzan Zulu, a Zambian professional who lives in South Africa confirms that Zambian women receive sex education to prepare them for marriage.

Suzan reveals further that women from the eastern part of Zambia are rated the best. “It’s more of an incubation. Women are also treated how to respect men. I’m sure it’s an African thing”.

Meanwhile, research reveals that whilst Zambian and Malawian women may still be enjoying sex education today, the culture has died in many African countries.

Suzan advises Africans not to only train women on how to satisfy a man sexually but that men should also be trained on how to do the same to women.

Evidently, there is too much pressure on African women on how to treat a man whilst the men are hardly educated on how to treat and value a woman.



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