Alcohol Abuse on Rise Among Youth in Malawi

February 6, 2017 by Staff Reporter

Drug Fight Malawi, an organisation that advocates for improved regulation of alcohol and drug consumption in the country has expressed concern over increased number of youths consuming alcohol.

Executive Director for Drug Fight Malawi, Nelson Zakeyo, told Malawi News Agency (Mana) Friday that despite the ban of sachets by government, more people particularly the youths are still accessing the product and consuming it more and dangerously.indexcc

“When a ban was imposed on sachets, we thought there would be a change, however what we are seeing today is a totally different thing altogether. The number of people consuming alcohol is on the rise and the sad thing is that the young ones whom we wanted to be protected are the ones taking it excessively,” he said.

Zakeyo argued that of the many types of alcohol (spirits) found on the market, their content was over 40 percent which was bad for human body.

“As a country we cannot progress with the increasing number of unproductive human capital and this must change,” he explained.

The drug fight Malawi director has since appealed to government to quickly adopt and implement the drug and alcohol policies and put in place strict measures that would deter producers as well as consumers.

Zakeyo said, “Dealing with individuals would be a difficult and endless task, however what government must do among others is by imposing heavy and serious regulations and conduct sensitization campaigns.”

Meanwhile, Drug Fight Malawi is carrying out a sports project where among others it is distributing football and netballs to villagers in Lilongwe as one way of keeping them busy.

“We would like to keep villagers busy with sport activities and in turn we will be protecting them from consuming alcohol,” he said.



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