MCP Says Enough is Enough!!; Respond to DPP’s Political Staccato, Lectures On Democracy Therein

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March 2, 2017 by Staff Reporter

Let me begin by quoting part of the Leader of Opposition’s statement that is subject of the DPP’s response: “Besides, if these demands are not met within a reasonable time, we shall ask the people of Malawi to PEACEFULLY and LEGALLY (emphasis added) to pour out onto the streets of Malawi TILL GOVERNMEMT BECOMES ACCOUNTABLE AGAIN (emphasis added).bi1krzsiyaakheo

The fibre and thread, the length and breadth of Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s press statement can be summarised as: dealing with DPP’s endemic corruption, transparency and accountability. Sadly DPP has, instead of dealing with the issues raised, chosen to attack the person of Dr Lazarus Chakwera. Unfortunately the attacks have insinuations which are unfounded, unsubstantiated and without legs to stand on.

Let me appreciate Hon Francis Kasaila for trying to use a proper method, “A Public Statement”, to send DPP’s message despite the message in it being out of touch with democracy and without substance.

Malawi is looking for growth in the way we (political parties) do our things, the way we respond to each other and certainly the way we use government facilities hence MCP and its associaites are gearing for action, (Kulira Kwa A Malawi – Malawi’s Cry For Accountability) since the DPP Government is increasingly misusing its powers and state facilities.


Having appreciated using the correct medium to talk to the public, the language used in the statement is unprofessional, undemocratic and in a God fearing nation like Malawi, ungodly.

The honourable minister has displayed not to be so honourable, if the press statement is anything to go by and if indeed it was written by him. Calling Dr Chakwera names, putting words into his mouth, into the situation and MCPs mouth and let alone, ignoring the constitution in your statement displays his incompetence.

In our response, I would have loved to go down to your language and wording but its too low for a democratic nation like Malawi hence I will not follow you to name calling and scaremongering. MCP will not seek to dignify the response by answering word for word and statement for statement.

Your statement is very confusing, not only to opposition and democratic Mlawians but also to your loyal supporters and officials too:

“Is this what I am loyal to?,
“Is this what I represent out there,” those are the questions our supporters abd your supporters are asking themselves after your lectures on democracy.


According to your statement, you are claiming that Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s statement calling for a demonstration and holding government accountable is calling for disorder and anarchy. Just to remind you, according to Section 38 of the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi “Every person shall have the right to assemble and demonstrate with others PEACEFULLY and UNARMED (emphasis added). This is a right closely linked to the right to freedom of expression and no government nor minister has the right to call another citizen names, let alone threaten them, for choosing to use his right. No government can abrogate or alianate this constitutionally entrenched right.


Right to demonstrate

Our right to peaceful assembly cannot be interfered with merely because there is disagreement with the views. Or is it because the DPP is scared that the impunity that DPP has been displaying will be put to a grinding halt?


The justice being delayed is slowing down our nation and we will not wait any longer but call for it and demand answers from the Executive and the system. If you feel like this has nothing to do with you but the ACB, then step aside and make ACB independent, which has been our demand to date (will forever be our demand).

It is saddening that the DPP (just like us MCP), that campaigned on the back of zero-tolerance on corruption would be developing cold feet in the fight against corruption. It is quite disheartening that instead of fighting corruption, DPP seems to be promoting it as evidenced by the DPP’s statement attacking the person instead of the substance of Dr Lazarus Chakwera.


Enter a caption

Hon Minister, yes, if the people are not satisfied with the action of the regime they have the right to call for change, however we have not come to that stage yet. So stop putting words into our mouth.


I know your statement is calculated to scare Dr Chakwera and MCP (and entire opposition block) let alone to prevent opposition and citizens from democratically and constitutionally speaking when government is destroying public resources and destroying the very path to economic progress.

Scaring critics will also not be tolerated and MCP will not sit and watch nor be muted.

I take it that the style of your wording was ment to confuse MCP supporters and those who want to rally against the government, but looking at it I think its more confusing to your own loyal suporters and officials.

Just in case the honourable Mr Kasaila, who seems not to be honourable enough, wants a lecture about ACB, ACB is currently not working as it has taken the fury and anger of Malawians and Opposition for President Mutharika, the Executive and ACB to act on important issues.

1 Where are the cashgate cases if ACB is what you think it is?
2: Where are the the cases in the infamous 577 billion?
3: Where did the cases against Bakili Muluzi end
4: Where is the MHC houses issue?
5: How about NACgate?

Why are you so afraid to make the ACB independent if you think it won’t come against you.

In your statement your are saying Dr Chakwera has an unresolved issues with Chaponda. Please nite that this matter was thrown out after Dr Chaponda failed to sign affidavits that he never uttered these words.Are you this remitted in your arguments.

Talking about his peesonal under construction in area 6 (which has been maliciously overvalued by unprofessional “DPP Property Valuers”, Dr Chakwera openly said he is ready to provide information about his house whose construction started way before started politics abd that he is ready for any probe. It has to be stated here that Dr Chakwera lets the Treasurer General of the party manage party’s financial assets without inteference and financial reports are submitted by treasury to the National Executive Committee periodically. About Dr Chakwera abusing Assemblies of God in Malawi’s assets, it is surprising that the DPP has become “Assemblies of God in Malawi” to know this inside information. Otherwise the church has not brought any case against Dr Chakwera in this regard

Dr Lazarus Chakwera and the entire MCP has problems with anyone caught or heavily suspected in corruption and embezzling public financial resources and otherwise.


The Honourable who is not so honourable, since when did taking government to task on governance become related to issues of elections. Dr Chakwera’s statements are governance, accountability, corruption.

The nature of the threat is extreme. As a party, however, we will not relent on and shirk from our responsibility as a watchdog and a voice for the voiceless. We would like to reiterate that if the demands placed before the state president are not met within a reasonable time, we will ask the people of Malawi to PEACEFULY and LEGALLY pour out onto the streets of Malawi till government becomes ACCOUNTABLE again.

Enough is enough!!

Eisenhower Mkaka
Deputy Secretary General
Malawi Congress Party


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