Ex-Crooked PRO For Bushiri Dry Cleaned By Once Close Friends:We Have Evidence To Nail Him Down

May 14, 2017 by Staff Reporter

I can testify here that, even after he was fired, his former employer was not mean with financial help whenever he could ask for it only that this time around, the sums of such generosity were not such that he could afford to pay the whole team of Malawi government’s State House team as “his salary could” back then.

Malawi Independent

When a self-described lion keeps vibrating back and forth between a hiding cave and a battle ground, analyse its anatomy and see if it is what it is. You may be looking at a jumping goat with too many fur around its head.

Firstly, I would like to make it clear, for the sake of those who may think that I have, for no reason at all, just decided to pick a bone with Kelvin Sulugwe. At this point, it is worthwhile highlighting that him and I had been reasonably enjoying brotherhood since 2015. He introduced me to people who mean a lot in my life today and for that strong reason, I have always reserved adequate respect and love for him UNTIL HE HAS VOLUNTARILY CHOSEN TO SPOIL THE SAME.

For some issues, of which space is not available on this platform, the people whom he introduced me to…

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