PAC Rejects Regime Change Calls

June 8, 2017 by Staff Reporter

Attempts by Vincent Wandale and Billy Mayaya to force regime change at the on-going Public Affairs Committee (Pac) 5+1 All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference have been vehemently rejected and discarded by top PAC delegates to the conference.

This runs in sharp contrast to the premeditated agenda of the conference which was to remove the government. Interestingly, Wandale and Mayaya were not speaking out of nothing because they were part of the planning by PAC on this agenda.

The rejection suggests that PAC executive committee has backtracked on the agenda in the heat of criticism for conducting itself like a political party.

Wandale: His Call Has Been Rejected

At the conference, Wandale who is the convict over land grabbing offences stood up and proposed that Malawians must change government. He said he has lost trust in the high table at the conference.

All along, the discussions were smooth and objective until in the afternoon sessions when Wandale rose and demanded that PAC should enforce regime change.
Immediately after Wandale, Mayaya sprang up to support the motion, adding that he had lost trust in PAC.
But the two received swift condemnation from senior PAC delegates.

Reverend Misanjo Kansilanga who was once chairperson of PAC bluntly told off the two and urged the delegates against discussing issues that are not on the agenda of the conference. He further argued that PAC has no legal mandate to force regime change.
“This is not a Parliamentary committee. It is also not a court of law. Such a discussion is out of question. We can’t be discussing that and PAC cannot entertain such calls,” Kansilanga schooled the delegates.

Msusa:Both Mayaya and Wandale are not members of PAC

Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa of Blantyre Archdiocese equally slammed Wandale and Mayaya, telling them they were not members of PAC and that they do not have any mandate to speak on behalf of the body.

“We are here to heal ourselves; to be able to listen and to be listened to. All of us have to make resolutions and not one person. Today is not a day to make resolution to remove government, if we change leadership, who is going to lead? Pac is a religious body and not otherwise,” Msusa said.

The Catholic bishop said PAC is a religious body and not a political party to champion regime change.
Firebrand and veteran human rights activist Emmie Chanika warned against calls for regime change which can lead to a state of anarchy.

PAC Leadership Under Fire

“Mawa likhoza kutha boma, kaya kukhala magazi…. [But] if PAC brings down government, who will take over?” she said, citing Iraq and other places where government was forcibly removed leading to bloodshed and suffering running for years.

Moderator of the conference and Pac Deputy Chairperson added his weight to the rejection of the political hijackers.

There is evidence that PAC has been hijacked by opposition political parties who want to use the body to force change of government. Sources inside PAC have confided in Malawi Voice that Joyce Banda has pumped K25 million into the conference. The move has brought divisions in PAC as some mother bodies question the body’s departure from its original non-partisan objectives.

Ntaba: PAC should clarify objective of the meeting

DPP’s vice president for the central region, Hetherwick Ntaba demanded Pac to clarify the objective of the conference, arguing government was ready to respond to the proposed regime change at all cost.

“We have serious national issues to discuss no matter what political party we represent or organization we come from. Whatever we discuss, we should be discussing with serious attention. Pac should let us know if the theme of this conference is what is being proposed, let us know,” demanded Ntaba.
He warned: “We did not come here for that (regime change proposition). Please guide us. We can stand up to that, we can challenge that, and we can be even worse serious than that.”

He urged the delegates to deliberate on issues being raised during the conference with sober mind in order for the meeting to come up with tangible resolutions.
The conference ends tomorrow.


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