Poor Christians Will Not Inherit the Kingdom of God, Says Prophet Bushiri

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July 6, 2017 by Staff Reporter

Founder and leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says time has come for Christians to rule in business and contribute to the kingdom of God as kingdom financiers.

The Prophet made the statement at a Prophetic Dinner on Tuesday night in Dallas, Texas, US.

He said he has travelled the world over and he has seen that Christians are the poorest religious group.

“This must come to an end. We need to be ran example of God’s riches and glory. We serve a God who lacks nothing therefore, it is an error for you to be lacking in life. It is an error to be living in poverty,” he said.

The Pretoria-based Prophet, whose church has branched across the globe, was in US few days after a three day crusade in Australia.

The dinner event, during which he narrated on power, prosperity and impartation, coincided with the America’s Independence Day.

Leveraging the occasion, Prophet Bushiri, who is also popularly known as Major 1, opened the event with the American national anthem, steering the gathering into great excitement.

In his opening remarks, Prophet Bushiri expressed gratitude to the gathering for making the establishment and support of ECG branches in America possible.

“I would like to appreciate everybody in the house. Thank you to all the ECG America branches and respective leaders for the dedication to this ministry.

“I would also like to thank the organizing committee for putting this dinner together and to you our guests, thank you for making the time out to come and be in the presence of God,” he said.

Holy Communion and duties of his prophetic office also took place at the event which has been classified as auspicious and edifying.

“This was truly an unforgettable night of prophetic impartation with the sharpest Prophet of our time and renowned billionaire entrepreneur Dr. Shepherd Bushiri,” said one of the attendee.

The event was broadcasted live on Prophetic Channel, You Tube, Facebook and Instagram.

Bridging to the duties of the prophetic office, the man of God said “the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me that this is not just a dinner. You didn’t come all this way to look good and eat but you came here to receive impartation for prosperity and go home a changed person with renewed faith and knowledge of the God we serve and your identity as a child of God.”

“Our ministry in America is only beginning and I speak as a prophet when I say that seven months from now, this ministry will never be the same again. God is about to multiple ECG America in a great way. Mark my words, we will have a great testimony in seven months from now,” he said.

The guests came from various states including Houston, Maryland, Atlanta and New York were treated to a three course dinner at the prestigious Hyatt Regency Hotel.



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